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After Tokaido, a new journey awaits you!

In Namiji, take to the sea and discover the hidden marvels of the Japanese coast.

Namiji is the new game from Antoine Bauza, set in the Tokaido universe, where you'll experience a journey of discovery of beautiful and wild marine life. Namiji is a spiritual sequel to the game Tokaido. However, it is a standalone board game. You do not need Tokaido to play Namiji.

In Namiji, you are anglers from the Japan of yesteryear, navigating south of the Japanese archipelago, a few miles away from the famous Tokaido road. To win the game, you'll need to experience the most fruitful day at sea. To do this, you will have the opportunity to contemplate magnificent marine species, to fish with a line or a net to fill your racks with colorful fish, and haul in your crustacean traps. You will benefit from stops to improve your fishing equipment, while having to satisfy the marine divinities by setting paper offerings afloat, or fulfill their unexplainable visions granted by their seaborne heralds, the Sacred Rocks.

“I wanted to make Namiji a new experience for people who have discovered board games through Tokaido.” - Antoine Bauza, designer of Namiji.

“In ancient Japanese, Namiji refers to the wake and eddies visible behind a boat.” - Antoine Bauza, designer of Namiji.

- Beskrivning från tillverkaren

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