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Morocco is the brand new tabletop game from Eagle-Gryphon Games and the award winning design team of Ben Pinchback and Matt Riddle - the designers of the hit games Fleet, Fleet: Arctic Bounty, Floating Market and Eggs & Empires!

Play with delight as you haggle, bribe, and strong-arm your way to the busiest spots with the most customers -- but be wary of stampeding crowds. If you fall, no bodyguards will step in to save you! Don't be shy, experience all of the magic that Morocco has to offer!


• 1 ea. Game Board, Market Die & Rules

• 60 ea. Market Tiles & Assistant Meeples

• 10 ea. Body Guards, Tourists & Cousins

• 36 Juice Seller Tokens

• 12 Empty Stall Tokens

• 100 Information Cubes

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