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This game is "yaktastic" to play with the whole family! There is something fun for everyone, from constructing stone towers to moving big, chunky, cart-pulling yaks. And who does not like a baby yak as a first player token? You will be impressed by how incredible it looks on your table and its complex gameplay with simple rules.And beware of the fog! 

This mini-expansion adds an extra action card that will offer you more to think when selecting which action to play. Plus, yak are not the only animals in the game anymore, their friends the birds have joined and will offer you a new way to score. Those birds are easily scared away, so choose well where you place them on your stone tower. And don’t forget, an opponent can also attract these birds to his own tower! This mini-expansion add eight colorful birds, a bag, 4 birds action cards and 16 feathers tokens.This item is a webshop exclusive and it is a must-have, these birds are simply too cute.


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