White Dwarf 484 Januari 2023

White Dwarf 484 Januari 2023

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White Dwarf is Games Workshop's premium Warhammer magazine, packed with amazing content each month – including new rules and background, short stories, regular columns, special guests, and more.

Here’s what you can look forward to in the January issue:

Letters, questions and pictures of miniatures sent in by you, our readers.

Worlds of Warhammer
What does it mean to be 'only' Human in the 41st Millennium?

Inside the Studio
Check out the games we’ve played and the models we’ve painted this month.


- Flashpoint Herald of Misery: Bitter Ambition
New background that focuses on Warsmith Czagra of the Iron Warriors, as he begins his conquest aboard the Herald of Misery.

- Flashpoint Herald of Misery: The Untamed Ark
From flailing pseudopods to heaving flesh, we present new rules for 6 different types of Warp-Infected Entity Tiles, and a whopping 6 bespoke Missions for fighting Boarding Action battles on the Herald of Misery.

- Arks of Omen
An interview with Andy Clark and Richard Butler about their latest cataclysmic creation and story arc for Warhammer 40,000.

- Echoes from the Warp
Duncan Waugh joins us to provide insights into the all-new way to play Warhammer 40,000 – Boarding Actions. Bring your space suit!

- Tactica: Close Quarters
Duncan returns! This time he’s written a tactics article about fighting on spaceships, and opening and closing doors.

- Ground Truth
A tactical look at a Boarding Action mission from Arks of Omen: Abaddon. How will you tackle this challenge?


- Flashpoint Clash: Of Fang and Fungus

New background and rules for a campaign of underground war between Gloomspite Gitz and Skaven. Provides background and a host of new rules, as well as a narrative battleplan, The Warped Heart.

- Flashpoint Rondhol: Stemming the Tide
The Kraken Blades continue to harry Ka-rokk’s forces as they move into Lendu.

- Fantastic War Hosts: Lords of War
From moonlit monochrome to the psychedelic colours of Tzeentch, Lords of War presents a host of beautifully painted and converted heroes and villains from across the Mortal Realms.


- Battle Report: Deadly Hangar

Matt’s Warpcoven, the Prodigal Sons, and Lyle’s Kommandos, Da Sneaky Ladz, battle to the death in a Kill Team Battle Report.

- Kill Team Engage!
The final part in the White Dwarf team’s epic Kill Team campaign reaches its climax, but who’s the winner?

- Operation Briefing
What’s the best way to score your Critical Ops objectives? Elliot Hamer investigates.


- Warriors of the Depths

A tidal wave of new rules and background for using the Idoneth Deepkin in Warcry. Look out for new Tidal Raid rules, along with 2 new Quests, an Encampment, a bespoke Lesser Artefacts table, and background tables for Idoneth Deepkin warbands.


- Glory Points

More Nemesis deck building insights! However, this time John Bracken provides guidance for building a deck for the sneakiest gitz around – Grinkrak’s Looncourt!


- Middle-earth Battle Report: Savage Assault

Can Faramir’s Men of Gondor hold back Gothmog’s Orcs amidst the ruins of Osgiliath? Includes a new narrative scenario Skirmish In Osgiliath, and features both the heroes from the new Battle of Osgiliath boxed set fighting over some gorgeous new Gondor terrain...

Also included in this issue are the following free inserts:
- 2023 Hobby Bingo Card, with a miniature photography backdrop on the reverse side
- 6x Warp-infected Entity Boarding Actions game tiles


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