Tornio '44

Tornio '44

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Tornio '44 is a historically accurate and detailed wargame about the battle between Finnish and German forces at the towns of Tornio and Kemi in Northern Finland on October 1—8, 1944. One player controls the Finnish units and the other player controls the German units.

  • As the Finnish player, you will need to create a strong bridge-head, capture the vital bridges at Tornio and Kemi in one piece, advance along the roads and take as many German prisoners as possible in order to please the Allied (Soviet) Control Commission.
  • As the German player, you will need to fight back the Finns, empty the supply depots, organize your retreat and blow up the vital bridges that cross the Tornionjoki and Kemijoki Rivers.

GAME FEATURES: Accurate Orders of Battle; Historical Summary & Unit Organizations; Unique Combat Mechanism; Long-range Indirect Fire Support; Hidden German Alcohol Depots; Air Strikes; Nighttime Rules; Fog of War; Finnish Naval Landings at Three Possible Locations; German Prisoners and Optional Rules.

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