Tales & Games - Lost in the Woods (Touch Recognition Game)

Tales & Games - Lost in the Woods (Touch Recognition Game)

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In Tales & Games: Lost in the Woods you use your sense of touch and your memory to find your way through the woods!

It's still dark when you run away from the ogre's home. To return to the cottage of your dear parents, you need to cross the forest and find your way in the dark, thanks to the trees. The first player arriving at the cottage will prevail and will be entitled to a good soup of broccoli! But beware of the ogre who would eat you willingly for his breakfast!

  2 - 5 Players  |  20 Minutes  |  Ages 6+


Content: 1 Path board, 5 Child wooden pawns, 2 Boot wooden pawns, 25 Tree tokens, 25 Tree cards, 25 Pebbles cards, 1 cloth bag, 1 rulebook, 1 tale book.

Designed by: Anja Wrede and Bruno Faidutti


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