Slavika Równonoc Equinox

Slavika Równonoc Equinox

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Slavika: Equinox is both a standalone game and an expansion to the game Slavika. Players lead powerful families of the fantastic world Slavika, or — if they want — the new faction: Christians.

Each player has a team of six heroes. During the game, the heroes travel to different regions, fight monsters, and gain treasures. The larger the contribution of player's heroes in defeating monsters, the more glory points for the player's family.

The Pomeranian Regions are ruled by the eternal cycle of light and darkness,day and night, summer and winter. As time passes, depending on the current phase of the cycle, monsters will be weaker or stronger. According to the will of the princess of Slavika, the player whose family has the most glory at the end of the game earns the right to govern the Pomeranian Regions!

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