GameGenic Thick Inner Sleeves 50

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Keeping their cards safe and sound is an essential need for many players. Our Thick Inner Sleeves offer an extra layer of sturdy protection. Compared to conventional inner sleeves, these are twice as thick, bringing an increased thickness of 100 microns to the table. Even with that much protection, our Thick Inner Sleeves still allow for double-sleeving (sleeve-within-sleeves), perfectly fitting inside standard sleeves. Additionally, they can be used as regular sleeves for card and board games. Each pack contains 50 sleeves.

  • 50 Sleeves per pack
  • Reinforced thickness: 100 microns
  • Perfect fit for standard-sized gaming cards
  • Ideal for double-sleeving
  • Extra-high clarity
  • Consistent sizing
  • Acid-free, no PVC


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