Digimon Card Game - Draconic Roar [EX-03] Booster Pack

Digimon Card Game - Draconic Roar [EX-03] Booster Pack

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  • DRAGON THEME BOOSTER: A theme booster that features tons of Dragon-type Digimon! In addition to cards that enhance your current Dragon cards, this booster also includes Digimon that are making their debut in the Digimon Card Game!

    POPULAR CHARACTERS FROM DIGIMON LINKS! Characters from the smartphone game, Digimon Links makes their first appearance!

    ALL NEW CARD TEXT! All the cards in this themed booster have brand new card text and effects!
    Contains numerous powerful and collectable cards that players won't want to miss!

    Total : 74 card types total
    Common: x26
    Uncommon: x20
    Rare: x18
    Super Rare: x8
    Secret Rare: x2

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