Battle Spirits Saga: Dawn of History [BSS01] - Booster Box

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Four colors of cards, Red, Purple, White, and Yellow, are included at random!
You can construct multiple different kinds of decks even of the same color!
Create your own strategies focused around 12 types of X Rares.

Each box contains a BONUS foil box topper!

These are silver foil versions of cards from the main booster, and can be used in a variety of decks! They can only be found by opening a box of –Dawn of History-!


1 Booster Pack contains 12 cards and 1 core card.
1 Box contains 24 Booster Packs.


271 Types Total
  • ・Common (normal/holo ver.) x68
  • ・Uncommon (normal/holo ver.) x32
  • ・Rare (normal ver x24 holo ver x23)
  • ・X Rare x12
  • ・Special Rare x11
  • ・Saga Rare ×1

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