StoryPath Cards Bundle of 6 decks— narrative accessory for RPG

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Empower & encourage players to add to the narrative of any tabletop roleplaying game (RPG). As a result, your entire story becomes more collaborative.

Storypath Cards and Whimsy Cards are fun and easy-to-use accessories for virtually any tabletop roleplaying game. The cards encourage and empower players to momentarily take charge of the story by adding new elements, introducing new motivations, or providing narrative or descriptive embellishments.

There are many different decks available and more coming soon. The decks may be combined to create new options. Each Storypath contains 36 tarot-sized card in high-quality and durable linnen finish. Whimsy Cards contains 54, including four blank cards for your own creations.

This box contains one deck each of:

  • Path of Adventure
  • Path of Hope
  • Path of Horror
  • Path of Intrigue
  • Path of Morality
  • Whimsy Cards

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