Patchwork Halloween Edition

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Get ready for some Trick or Treat!

In this absolutely special Halloween Edition, things get spooky: Someone messed around with your favorite Patchwork! Still so many pieces of cloth and eyeballs lying around. Wait - eyeballs?? Ah, this is where things get really messy

This game includes 14 odd rebalanced patches. Was this Uwe or - a ghost ? Anyways, this is the season to get your pumpkins out and make the most horrible Halloween-themed quilt ever! And if you still have not played Patchwork at all - why not trick & treat yourself into it?

1 time board, 2 player boards, 2 time stones, 1 meeple, 33 patches, 5 special patches, 1 bonus tile, 50 buttons & 1 rule book

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