One Piece Card Game Pillars Of Strength OP3 Booster Display

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ONE PIECE CARD GAME is a collectible card game themed on the world of ONE PIECE!
Characters from all over the history of ONE PIECE, including the anime, manga, and movies, are featured in the game, and there are even cards inspired by famous scenes from all of them!

New "Yellow" cards are here!
Mighty enemies from fierce battles now gather in the ONE PIECE CARD GAME!

This booster features many of the beloved enemies the Strawhat Pirates faced throughout the series.

With the East Blue, Water Seven, and Whole Cake Island as the theme, a wide variety of enemies the Strawhat Pirates fought are included!

Each booster pack contains 12 cards,127 card types, each display contains 24 packs.


  • ・Leader Card x 8
  • ・Common x 45
  • ・Uncommon x 32
  • ・Rare x 26
  • ・Super Rare x 10
  • ・Secret Rare x 2
  • ・Special Card x 4

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