MetaZoo Cryptid Nation 2nd Edition Blister Pack

MetaZoo Cryptid Nation 2nd Edition Blister Pack

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MetaZoo™ is a Collectible Card Game with groundbreaking mechanics that break the 4th Wall. Choose where you play wisely, because your surroundings dictate how powerful your cards are! Cast Water Spells when it's raining to increase their effectiveness and partner Dark Beasties during nighttime to augment their power. A deck is only as powerful as it's Arena!
MetaZoo: Cryptid Nation is the first set of the new hit TCG, based on cryptids and the paranormal from across North America. Cause of the ‘4th wall effects,’ the game plays differently when played in different places. With over 100+ cryptids, everyone has a special card that they connect with!

Each MetaZoo blister pack contains one booster pack and a metal coin!


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