Dragon Shield Matte Black Art - The Batman

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Impactful 'The Batman' black & red artwork on the back of black matte sleeves with an ultra-clear front. Black frame around the artwork and black interior inside the sleeve, making these sleeves look excellent with black bordered cards!


The Batman licensed art sleeves are made with the same quality as Dragon Shield, which means the art is printed directly on the sleeve and doesn't peel or split. The matte texured back ensures an incredible shuffle feel.
The sturdy cardboard box fits 75+ single sleeved cards or 65+ double sleeved cards.
Every box has a label at the top of the box for personalization.

Beskrivning av tillverkaren.

  • 100 plastfickor per förpackning.
  • För kort som är upp till 63×88 mm (2½”x3½”).
  • PVC-fri polypropen.
  • 120 mikrometers tjocklek.

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