Dixit 8 Harmonies (Eng)

Dixit 8 Harmonies (Eng)

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Delve even deeper into the imagination with the newest expansion for the smash hit Dixit with Dixit: Harmonies! This latest expansion incorporates the unique and powerful art of Paul Echegoyen to push players’ imaginations even further, challenging them like only the game of Dixit can do.

Fully compatible with the base Dixit game and every other expansion, these 84 new image cards expand upon the replayability and joy that the game of Dixit is known for.

Dixit is a fun association game where players take turns being the Storyteller. The storyteller chooses a card from their hand and makes up a sentence about it. The other players must then play a card facedown from their hand which they find most matches the sentence. Cards are then shuffled and everybody excluding the Storyteller, must guess which was the Storyteller’s card.

30+ minutes, 3 - 6 players, age 8+

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