A Song of Ice & Fire: Free Folks Heroes 2

A Song of Ice & Fire: Free Folks Heroes 2

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The Giants March to War

Most people in Westeros think that giants are creatures of legend or simply myths and stories made up to scare children. However, giants are more than just real, they are making their way down from the north to invade. Not simply mindless brutes bent on destruction, giants are capable of becoming commanders in the Free Folk army. Woe to those that stand across from them on the battlefield.

The Free Folk Heroes #2 box set for the A Song of Ice and Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game gives Free Folk players a pair of unique giants for their forces. Wun Wun is a wrecking force, getting more and more infuriated as he takes damage. Mag the Mighty, arguably the most cunning giant, is capable of being the army’s Commander, complete with his own unique Tactics deck that focuses on the other monstrous units in the army.


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